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Cord Blood Bank Indonesia Has Officially Opened!

Cord Blood Bank Indonesia Has Officially Opened!

After a long awaited, finally Indonesia have their own umbilical cord blood bank. The presence of the cord blood bank in Indonesia met the expectations of many people who are concerned about the future health of their children.

Cord blood storage bank in Indonesia was inaugurated by the Minister of Health 2004-2009 period, Supari on 14 October 2006. The Bank operates in Indonesia in cooperation PT. Kalbe Farma and PT. CordLife, Singapore company engaged in the storage of cord blood. This Bank Indonesia stands out because of public demand to store umbilical cord blood the baby more.

            High public interest that is due to store umbilical cord blood bank, the owner can use at any time to treat various diseases to his family. Umbilical cord blood is used to treat a variety of diseases such as cancer of the blood, bone marrow failure syndrome, blood disorders such as thalassemia, metabolic derivative, immune deficiencies, heart and nerves. However, the level of match cord blood will be different for each family member. A baby's umbilical cord blood, have a match rate of 50% -75% if used by siblings. While the level of compatibility is only 25% -50% if used by parents.

            Prior to the cord blood bank is present in Indonesia, most Indonesian people storing cord blood in Singapore and Malaysia. In 2006, there were already about 100 people in Indonesia who keep the cord in Cordlife Singapore. With the storage of umbilical cord banks in the country, the Indonesian people no longer need to send abroad. Costs becomes cheaper.

            Costs for blood collection, processing, and storage of the first year in the cord blood bank Indonesia Rp. 9,000,000.00. As for the storage of the next year, a set tariff is Rp.1.250.000,00 per year. According to the CEO Group CordLife, Steven Fang, the price is cheaper than the store abroad for not including shipping funds. In Singapore, for example, for the initial process accrues 2,000 Singapore dollars and 250 Singapore dollars per year for storage next year. (information singapore dollar exchange rate of 1 per 13 April 2010 = Rp.6.500,00). Storage capacity is limited only to bank 30,000 cord blood units each with a capacity of 22.5 milliliters per unit.

            For those of you who are interested to save her baby's cord blood, the first procedure is to enroll to become a member at the time of pregnancy in the cord blood bank Indonesia, Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 2, Pulomas, Central Jakarta. Then tell your doctor or midwife where you will give birth. At the time of delivery. obstetrician will be ready to assist retrieval of umbilical cord blood to be processed and stored in a cord blood bank. [primz]

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