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Benefits Storing Cord Blood

Benefits Storing Cord Blood

Recent times, more and more known to the ability of stem cells in cord blood. Since 2000, scientists have demonstrated that cord blood stem cells can develop into many other cell types in the body.

This amazing invention has direct application of clinical applications in many diseases, including heart attack, spinal cord injury, and is expected in the next few years, we can look at the clinical trial phase of disease diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis, a disease Al zhaimers, to Diabetes.

The benefits of cord blood banking:

    Warranty suitability for transplantation as Autologous (donor and recipient are the same person).
    Is an autologous transplant means the stem cell donor and recipient are the same person. The umbilical cord blood you save now for your baby, is a medical resource potential in the future. You no longer require tight matching bone marrow transplant method than conventional ones where 70% of transplant patients is difficult to find a match within keluarganya1.

    Storage of stem cells that direct the available Hematopetic

    In certain circumstances where the stem cells needed abruptly for the benefit of transplantation, have cord blood of your child is already saved a lot better than if you have to look for stem cells for transplant are national or international, both of which would be very expensive and take a long time. Procurement costs cord blood samples in Singapore estimated at approximately $ 75,000 SD, and even then when stem cells are a match.

    Gravt risk vs. Host Disease (GVHD) are Low for transplantation Autologous

    Gravt versus host disease (GVHD) is a common complication arises where immune cells from the donor attack the recipient's own tissue. This situation typically arises when the donor transplant and transplant recipients are different people.
    Sampling is easy, painless and risk free for the mother and baby.
    Umbilical cord blood sampling is relatively easy and is done by an obstetrician anda.Proses this decision does not affect the birth process itself and can be done on the basis of normal delivery or a Caesarean section.

    Cord blood cells are younger and more primitive

    When compared with a source of stem cells other, for example, stem cells from the bone marrow and stem cells from peripheral blood, cord blood stem cells centers have engraftment higher (engrafment: is the process of stem cells transplanted find their way to the target organ and began to regenerate / re-produce blood cells) In this case the umbilical cord blood stem cells is faster growing and production of healthy blood cells, is also more tolerant of tissue mismatches.

    There is one of 217 possible use of stem cells for the treatment of a lifetime

    Statistics show that every one of the 217 inhabitants at least in need of stem cell therapy in mereka2 life. Your baby's cord blood is a rich source of stem cells. Since 1988, doctors have been using cord blood stem cells for menerapi 30,000 pasien3 suffering from leukemia, other cancers, blood disorders and other clinical trials.

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